What the Gas Companies Propose June 1, 2022

 width=The gas utility plans are in, and they call for maintaining the status quo:

  • Continuing to build and replace infrastructure as the core business model
  • Growing their customer base
  • Keep piping methane, along with biomethane, hydrogen, and syngas (synthetically made methane), all priced at a premium

The gas utilities final reports, paid for by ratepayers, demonstrate:

  • A lack of vision for their business model, in part due to legislative and regulatory restrictions.
  • Instead of asking for new laws and regulations that would enable a clean business model, they’re requesting new regulations that prop up their businesses.
  • Analysis based in part on faulty data and assumptions, for example that gas will remain at a low price and not fluctuate.
  • A lack of regard for what matters to customers: health, safety, and rapid, verifiable emissions reductions.
  • Undervaluing networked geothermal, which is a popular solution among people who’ve heard about it.

If you’re concerned about gas companies and climate, you can call your legislator, your gas company, or the DPU to let them know what you’d like to see.

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