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Greater Boston PSR Opposes Dangerous New Methane (“Natural Gas”) Infrastructure Plans

As physicians concerned about the twin man-made threats to human survival—climate change and nuclear weapons—Greater Boston PSR would generally oppose major infrastructure that locks our energy system more firmly into greenhouse-gas generating fuels that threaten all of our futures. This is especially so when Massachusetts is not meeting its renewable energy goals even as climate …

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DEP threatened with sanctions, ordered to produce emails

The Department of Environmental Protection faces possible sanctions and has been ordered by a hearing officer to provide all email messages sent and received last week in connection with air quality data that was suddenly introduced in the case of a controversial natural gas project in Weymouth.

DEP introduces new air quality data in compressor case

The proposed compressor station has drawn significant outcry from residents who warn that it would create health, environmental safety problems in a densely populated area. Within half a mile of the shoreline facility are more than 950 residences, according to a report from the Greater Boston PSR.