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Summary: The Health Risks of Decommissioning the Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor

Summary detailing GBPSR’s health concerns regarding actual and proposed radionuclide releases from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA.

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Testimony in support of: S.1487 (Back from the Brink resolution) and S.1488 (Nuclear and Climate Commission Bill)

Testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature from Brita E. Lundberg, M.D., Chair of the Board, Greater Boston PSR, in support of two bills related to nuclear disarmament.


PFAS Testimony

Testimony of Dr. Brita Lundberg, GBPSR Chair, before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Health in support of legislation to protect the public from PFAS.


Pesticide Testimony

Testimony of Dr. Brita E. Lundberg, GBPSR, before the MA Joint Committee on Environment & Natural Resources in support of legislation on pesticide protections for children.


Plymouth Nuclear Power Plant Testimony

Dr. Brita Lundberg’s testimony regarding Plymouth nuclear power plant regarding proposed Holtec tritiated hydrogen release.


Greater Boston PSR’s testimony to the EPA

GBPSR testimony on proposed oil and natural gas rule.


GBPSR Comments to FERC RE: Priorities of ISO-New England

Official GBPSR comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission urging ISO-New England to prioritize wind and solar over coal, gas, and oil.


GBPSR Biomass Testimony

GBPSR testimony in support of S2197, “An act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe.”


FERC Brief

GBPSR brief submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the unsafe operation of the compressor in Weymouth, MA.