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Testimony in support of: S.1487 (Back from the Brink resolution) and S.1488 (Nuclear and Climate Commission Bill)

Testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature from Brita E. Lundberg, M.D., Chair of the Board, Greater Boston PSR, in support of two bills related to nuclear disarmament.

Nature Food Aug 2022

New report in Nature Food (a subsidiary of Nature)

Study: Global Food Insecurity and Famine from Reduced Crop, Marine Fishery and Livestock Production due to Climate Disruption from Nuclear War Soot Injection

ENGLISH Nuclear Famine Report Final

Nuclear Famine

Even a “limited” nuclear war would cause abrupt climate disruption and global starvation. Report prepared by IPPNW, written by GBPSR board member Dr. Matt Bivens.

CME Course

Nuclear Weapons: A Public Health Issue

1-hour CME Course available on demand. The focus of this course is to help educate medical professionals about the public health implications of nuclear weapons policy.


The Novel Coronavirus and Nuclear Weapons

Article in Common Dreams co-authored by GBPSR board member Dr. Ira Helfand.


Endorse “Back from the Brink: The Call to Prevent Nuclear War”

The Call is a national grassroots initiative  outlining necessary policies to safeguard the public from the risks of nuclear war.


Chain Reactions

Article from Harvard Medicine magazine on the history of PSR’s work on nuclear disarmament.


The United Nations Votes to Start Negotiations to Ban the Bomb

Article from The Nation on the Nuclear Ban Treaty, including discussion of GBPSR’s 2016 Symposium on climate change and nuclear weapons.