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Compressor Public Safety Report

Public Safety Report on Proposed Weymouth Compressor

This new report from Greater Boston PSR examines the public safety and emergency response aspects of a proposed compressor station in a populated coastal flood zone.

Gbpsr Report Weymouth Compressor Station

Health Risks of a Proposed Compressor Station in Weymouth, Massachusetts

GBPSR report on the health risks to Fore River basin residents from the proposed compressor station. Download

Fracking Facts

Fracking Facts

Fact sheet on the harms of fracking. Spanish version also available.


Resources for Nuclear Abolition Activism

Local, national, and international organizations working on nuclear weapons issues. Download


Chain Reactions

Article from Harvard Medicine magazine on the history of PSR’s work on nuclear disarmament.

Pediatric Toolkit

Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit

From our air to our water to the products we use on a daily basis, our environment is permeated with harmful substances. Yet very few health professionals have been trained to help patients understand how to protect themselves from environmental toxins.


The United Nations Votes to Start Negotiations to Ban the Bomb

Article from The Nation on the Nuclear Ban Treaty, including discussion of GBPSR’s 2016 Symposium on climate change and nuclear weapons.

Minuteman Missile

Doctors’ Group: Neither Candidate Should Have Finger On Hair-Trigger Nukes

WBUR article by GBPSR’s Dr. Matt Bivens on the danger of giving the president the sole authority to launch nuclear weapons.

Environmental Threats To Healthy Aging

Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging

A comprehensive review of the currently available research on the lifetime influences of environmental factors on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and their relation to a range of other chronic diseases.

Georgia report NEWER

Death by Degrees

How Global Warming Could Threaten Health in Massachusetts