Prevent Nuclear War

  • Endorse “Back from the Brink: The Call to Prevent Nuclear War”. The Call is a national grassroots initiative seeking to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy and lead us away from the dangerous path we are on. The Call lays out five common-sense steps that the United States should take to reform its nuclear policy. We are asking individuals and organizations around the country to endorse The Call and build support for the U.S. government to adopt it as its highest national security priority. Join the effort and help build a safer world for our children to inherit.
  • The Novel Coronavirus and Nuclear Weapons Common Dreams, May 2020
  • Will Covid-19 save the world? CNN, April 2020
  • Taxes, COVID-19 and nuclear weapons funding — our nation’s priorities The Hill, April 2020
  • Sign the Hibakusha appeal in honor of the 75th anniversary of the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Written by Hibakusha — the survivors of the nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and Nagaski — it movingly calls for the elimination of nuclear weapons. The appeal has over 10 million signatures from around the world, but US signatures represent a small portion of those. In the lead up to this important anniversary, we hope you will consider signing onto this appeal. It only takes a moment.
  • Enough is Enough: 2019 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending
    A report by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which includes the first estimate in nearly a decade of global nuclear weapon spending, taking into account costs to maintain and build new nuclear weapons. ICAN estimates that the nine nuclear-armed countries spent $72.9 billion on their 13,000+ nuclear weapons in 2019, equalling $138,699 every minute of 2019 on nuclear weapons, and a $7.1 billion increase from 2018.
  • Fact Sheet: Hiroshima and NagasakiAmerican Friends Service Committee