GBPSR’s statement on the war in the Middle East May 7, 2024

At Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, we are appalled and saddened by the events of the past seven months in the Middle East, from the horrific attacks on October 7th, to the devastating bombing and invasion of Gaza, to broader regional violence.  In October, we signed the American Public Health Association Peace Caucus’ “Health Care and Public Health Professionals’ Call to Immediate Action to Address the Violence in Israel and Gaza and Its Health Consequences.”  We have watched with distress as the situation has worsened in the intervening time.

As healthcare providers and peace advocates:

We condemn all:

  • Targeting and killing of civilians.
  • Targeting of civilian infrastructure.
  • Targeting and killing of healthcare providers.
  • Targeting of healthcare infrastructure.
  • Threats of the use of nuclear weapons.

We call for:

  • All parties to uphold the Geneva Conventions and the UN Convention on Human Rights.
  • An immediate and lasting ceasefire.
  • Unobstructed access to humanitarian aid.
  • Return of all hostages.
  • Cessation of escalatory threats and violence that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons, especially between nuclear-armed Israel and Iran, which has the capacity for nuclear breakout.
  • Return to negotiations for a political settlement that protects the dignity and human rights of all people in Israel and Palestine.