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Updates and resources on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

A group of clinicians are holding a silent Daily Health & Healing Vigil via Zoom to help you find strength during this challenging time. The vigil will run from 7:45am — 8am EST. If you are interested in joining us please email and we will send you the link.

COVID-19 and clean air: an opportunity for radical change

The Lancet, October 2020

In Trove Of Emails To State Officials, Feds Downplayed Coronavirus Risks

WBUR, July 1

Discharged–or Dumped? How to Advocate for a Successful Discharge After Surviving a Serious COVID Infection (or any serious illness)

Lundberg Health Advocates, June 2020

How Should I Care For COVID Infection at Home?

Lundberg Health Advocates, June 2020

What Should You do if You are Exposed to Someone with Confirmed COVID-19?

Lundberg Health Advocates, June 2020

How Massachusetts is like Sweden… and why that matters

Lundberg Health Advocates, May 2020

Want to prevent the next pandemic? This doctor is prescribing climate action.

Grist, May 12

Federal Investment for Public Health—or for Endless Wars?

Common Dream, May 7

Listen To Essential Workers First. Then, We Can Consider Reopening The Economy

WBUR, May 7

—Panic and COVID: Helpful strategies to address the stress you may be feeling now

Lundberg Health Advocates, April 2020

—Dr. Regina LaRocque, MPH, MD Infectious Disease Specialist and Researcher with COVID19 video updates via this YouTube channel and also posted on Sustainable Wellesley‘s website.

Want to volunteer to help during the COVID-19 crisis? Here’s one way: Public Health Volunteer Corps: Connecting Students and Professionals to Collaborate Efforts

The Trouble with Calling Health Care Workers ‘Heroes’

Boston Globe, April 10

New Harvard Study Links COVID Deaths and Air Pollution: An Interview with Study Author Dr. Francesca Dominici

Union of Concerned Scientists, April 8

Summary of Expert Opinion on When the COVID-19 Pandemic May End

Lundberg Health Advocates, April 2020

Letter to Governor Baker: Sign ons requested for Physicians & Health Care Professionals

April 6

—Letter: Physicians Call for Moratorium on Immigration Enforcement
April 4

We Need a Coronavirus Czar Around Here
Boston Globe, April 2

Massachusetts General Hospital Team Calls on State During Coronavirus Battle
Boston Herald, April 1

Fighting a Virus with the Wrong Tools
The Hill, March 28

Cutbacks for Some Doctors and Nurses as They Battle on the Front Line
Boston Globe, March 27

Massachusetts Needs a Comprehensive Care Response to the Coronavirus
Boston Globe, March 25

We Need a Stay At Home Order Now
GBPSR Action Alert, March 23

A Temperate Governor, An Unbridled Virus: Health Crisis Tests Baker’s Technocratic Approach
Boston Globe, March 21