Hydrogen — Get the Facts

Independent scientists say hydrogen blending with methane for heating buildings is too expensive and inefficient.

The U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap does not recommend blending hydrogen with methane for heating buildings. The Office of Energy Efficieny and Renewable Energy states, “none of our roadmaps consider home heating a viable use for H2.”

A review of 32 independent studies (now at 47) found blending hydrogen with methane for heating to be too costly and inefficient:

“The evidence assessment shows that the widespread use of hydrogen for heating is not supported by any of the 32 studies identified in this review. Instead, existing independent research so far suggests that, compared to other alternatives such as heat pumps, solar thermal, and district heating, hydrogen use for domestic heating is less economic, less efficient, more resource intensive, and associated with larger environmental impacts.”

National Grid plans to blend hydrogen with natural gas anyway. It’s a bad idea because it won’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions, will cost us billions of dollars, and extend the life of a climate-harming gas system, which will continue to pollute our kitchens and neighborhoods. AND it’s more dangerous than methane. For more information see PSR’s report, Hydrogen Pipe Dreams: Why Burning Hydrogen in Buildings is Bad for Climate and Health