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GBPSR has been a medical community leader in addressing the climate crisis and environmental health since 1992, when GBPSR member and Nobel laureate Dr. Eric Chivian organized a groundbreaking conference Human Health and Environment at MIT. We have co-authored landmark reports from “Death by Degrees” (2001) that looked at the health impacts of climate disruption in Massachusetts to our 2019 reports analyzing the impact of fossil fuel development in Weymouth, MA on climate, safety and health.

Our seminal research reports on the reproductive health risks from pesticides and  environmental risks to the elderly have provided the scientific groundwork for advocacy campaigns to protect health and have helped change both public policies and clinical practice.

We have educated over 10,000 health professionals through our educational programming and outreach. We have developed clinical tools on environment and health, such as our Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit, endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, featured in a five-state training program, and subsequently made available as an online CME course developed in conjunction with the US Centers for Disease Control’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.



Hydrogen Pipe Dreams: Why Burning Hydrogen in Buildings Is Bad for Climate and Health
June 22
Blending hydrogen with methane (“natural”) gas in our gas stoves and furnaces is dangerous and would accelerate climate change.

Greater Boston PSR’s testimony to the EPA
December 2021
GBPSR testimony on propsed oil and natural gas rule.

GBPSR Comments to FERC RE: Priorities of ISO-New England
November 2021

GBPSR Biomass Testimony
September 2021
GBPSR testimony in support of S2197, “An act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe.”

Improving the Built Environment to Reduce Indoor Heat-Related Illnesses and Deaths
July 2021
GBPSR report on the health impacts of indoor heat in Boston.

FERC Brief
April 2021
GBPSR brief submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the unsafe operation of the compressor in Weymouth, MA.

Fracking Compendium (7th edition)
GB PSR was an editor on the latest collection of nearly 2,000 abstracts of medical, scientific and investigative reports about the consequences of oil and gas drilling, fracking, and associated infrastructure.

Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution
GB PSR was partnered with  the Rocky Mountain Institute and others on this report highlighting the association of pediatric asthma and gas stove use, and advocating for indoor quality guidelines and for building codes for new and renovated buildings to have adequate ventilation and other protections to better safeguard residents from the harmful effects of gas stove pollution.

A Comprehensive Assessment of the Potential Human Health Impacts of a Proposed “Natural” Gas Compressor Station in Weymouth, Massachusetts
September 24, 2019
A quantitative and qualitative assessment of the human health impacts of soil, groundwater, air and noise pollution that will result from the compressor station, concluding that the project is dangerous to human health

Public Safety Report on Proposed Weymouth Compressor
This new report from Greater Boston PSR examines the public safety and emergency response aspects of a proposed compressor station in a populated coastal flood zone.

Health Risks of a Proposed Compressor Station in Weymouth, Massachusetts
GBPSR report on the health risks to Fore River basin residents from the proposed compressor station.

Rolling the Dice: Assessment of Gas System Safety in Massachusetts
September 13, 2019
While the gas distribution system in Massachusetts is largely buried underground, the dangers of relying on gas are all around us. Co-authored by GBPSR.

Fracking Facts
Fact sheet on the harms of fracking. Spanish version also available.

Death By Degrees
How Global Warming Could Threaten Health in Massachusetts