John Reuwer, MD

Dr. Reuwer is a retired emergency physician in South Burlington, Vermont. He has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternatives to violence for over 35 years. He cofounded the Grand Rapids, Michigan chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility during his medical internship, and spoke about the dangers of nuclear weapons during the Reagan administration. The nuclear reductions achieved over the next few decades proved to him the contribution of medical expertise to grassroots activism. He currently serves on the PSR Committee to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and on the board of World Beyond War. He has taught courses in nonviolent communication and nonviolent action at St. Michaels College in Vermont. He has deployed to conflict areas in Haiti, Colombia, Palestine/Israel, South Sudan, and several U.S. cities to practice various models of unarmed civilian protection and violence interruption as a step toward making war obsolete He sees nuclear war as the most urgent existential threat humanity faces, but also the threat that is most easily and readily reversible.