Speakers' Bureau

Greater Boston PSR Speakers' Bureau

GBPSR has established a “Speakers’ Bureau” of members willing and able to go address community groups, schools, and others about these crucially important issues.

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Matt Bivens, MD

Dr. Bivens is an emergency physician who works at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, where he holds an…

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Richard Clapp, DSc, MPH

Richard Clapp has an MPH degree from Harvard School of Public Health and a doctoral degree from Boston University School…

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Susan Donaldson, MD

Susan Donaldson, MD is a retired physician who has been working as a climate change activist since 2013. A graduate…

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Ira Helfand, MD

Dr. Helfand is a co-founder and Past President of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), the Immediate Past President of International…

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Tatjana Kobb, MD

Tatjana Kobb is a medical doctor, researcher and management executive with a passion to improve the quality of life of…

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Andee Krasner, MPH

Program Manager, Climate and Health

Andee is a public health consultant for GBPSR; her work focuses on the intersection of the built environment, climate change,…

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Regina LaRocque, MD, MPH

Regina LaRocque has an MD from Duke University School of Medicine and an MPH from Harvard School of Public Health….

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Brita E. Lundberg, MD

Trained in infectious diseases, Brita Lundberg is active in the medical community as Chair of the Environmental and Occupational Health…

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Peter Moyer, MD, MPH

Dr. Moyer is Professor and Chair Emeritus at Boston University’s School of Medicine, and Emergency Medicine Medical Director of Boston…

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Jim Recht, MD

Jim became a climate activist in 2013 after learning about Bill McKibben’s work from friends and colleagues in the Occupy…

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John Reuwer, MD

Dr. Reuwer is a retired emergency physician in South Burlington, Vermont. He has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternatives to…

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