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Greater Boston PSR

1,800 Health Professionals and Community Members, Speaking Up for the Public’s Health Since 1961

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility (GBPSR) is a physician-led group of health professionals and community members working to address  two of the existential threats to human health: nuclear war and climate change.

Our members include nationally-recognized experts in public health, cancer epidemiology, occupational medicine, environmental health, emergency medicine, disaster preparedness, and the health effects of climate change.

Ours is a trusted voice offering state-of-the-science and up-to-date medical and public health information about the effects of fossil fuel driven climate change and nuclear weapons on human health.

The founding chapter of the national group, Physicians for Social Responsibility, GBPSR has worked to increase national awareness around the grave health risks of nuclear war since 1961. PSR’s international federation, the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, was awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. GBPSR played an active role in the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons (ICAN); this campaign was recognized with a Nobel prize in 2017.

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Anna Linakis, MPH

Executive Director

Anna came to GBPSR in 2017 after years of community organizing around efforts to protect the Boston region from the…

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Becca Phillips, MPH

Communications Director

Becca joined GBPSR in 2023 and is excited to bring her eclectic background in grassroots climate activism, clinical work, and…

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